Find the wonder,
create the awe.

Decordia put the story of your brand centre stage. We design, build and install event and venue
architecture, but we do it with a theatrical flair. Our Manchester-based agency cover
your project’s conception through to delivery, always tailored to your ambition. Because
an event shouldn’t be a day or a night. It should be an experience worth remembering.


  • Design

    Concept Development
    Detailed Budgets
    Technical Drawing
    Structural Calculations

  • Build

    Scenic Painting
    Detail and Theming
    Design and Print

  • Project Management

    Health and Safety Preparation
    Team Management
    Sustainability Planning

From the outset of the project, encompassing scoping, research and sharing of ideas, Decordia Events was both generous and supportive in encouraging a collaborative approach.

Cordi is able to combine the need for a strong aesthetic appeal with the requirements of large-scale production, a juggling game that must suit client wishes with audience experience, smart budget management with iron-fist oversight.

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to work alongside the Decordia team, who were the bedrock of the project build. Projects of this scale can sometimes be eclipsed by the sheer effort and mix of personalities, but Decordia was always first to identify solutions.

I was especially encouraged by Decordia’s commitment to sustainability, which was an element we had purposely built into the remit and resulting theme – inspired by neon boneyards, scrap car lots and architectural salvage.

I very much hope I’ll have further opportunities to work with Decordia… it was a great experience, with a phenomenal result.

Bren O'Callaghan
Curator, HOME

The service provided by Decordia is brilliant. Great creative solutions combined with practical know-how and hard working team to always deliver on-site within the time frame and budgets set at the start of the project. What more can you ask for? No hesitation in recommending.

Will McHugh
Director, Engine No 4

We have worked with Decordia events for a number of years across an ever-increasing number of shows. We are always impressed by their attention to detail, ability to hit budgets and coming up with great new creative ideas each year. We look forward to continuing our growing partnership into future years.

Alexander Bennett
Director of Festivals - Broadwick Live

Decordia are a truly fantastic company. Cordi and the team approach their work thoroughly, with exceptional comms and clarity, which always leads to incredible results. They have completely nailed the relationship between their creative approach and the segue into their responsible, practical and always timely deliverables. We look forward to working with this reliable and highly skilled company again and again.

Ellie Carter
Creative Director for Aardman Animations’ A Grand Experience