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Giving a brand new main stage a sustainable new look…

We’ve taken the lead on the creative site design and install for Boardmasters at their Watergate Bay festival site since 2017 which has seen us develop venues including VIP, Zennor Haven, the View & more.

In 2021 the production team behind Boardmasters, Vision Nine entrusted us to re-design their main stage.

Bringing the
concept to life

  • Brief

    Design a set for the main stage that comes to life at night.

  • Method

    We built mini versions of the waves to play around with the paint finish so we could check the effect. dbnAudile were then able to test the lighting by creating contrasting shadows to make the waves pop in the light.

  • Challenges

    • The stage structure is 21m tall (one of the largest main stage structures you will find at a UK festival).
    • WIND! The Watergate Bay site is perched on a clifftop overlooking the ocean so any designs needed to withstand incredibly high wind speeds.
    • Short installation and derig windows – no time for delays or unexpected changes.
  • Sustainability

    The set design was built using timber materials only. This means the design can be further developed, the materials will be reused over the coming years, and is fully recyclable at the end of it’s (hopefully) long life.

Design Development & Set Design: Cordi Ashwell (DECORDIA)
Lighting Design on to the set: Rob Leach and Chris Sirey (dbnAudile)
Tech Drawings: Stuart Roberts (DECORDIA)
Set Build / Render & Installation: Setfree
Scrims Design: Callum Chambers (Vision Nine)
Scrims Installation: Nick Toy