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Even as a 6 year old, Decordia MD Cordi Ashwell was environmentally conscious. For Christmas that year she designed a ‘Happy Ozone Christmas’ card for her parents highlighting her concerns for the ozone layer. As a young eco warrior and WWF supporter, she also at age 11 participated in the WWF sponsored shark swim which saw her swim a mile with a shark fin secured to her back. This passion to protect the environment or support sustainable causes has followed her far beyond her childhood and into the way she runs Decordia as a company.

Sustainable design is the first thought and priority for any new project or product. Even pre-Decordia, Cordi and her team were frequently working on events with incredibly tight budgets so naturally the materials had to be creatively sourced and reused many times. For example, signage used at Kendal Calling created back in 2010 is still being used now. The same can be said for some of the signage at Parklife which has been used since 2016. You can read our Vision 2025 guest blog about festival signage here.

In 2020 Cordi completed a Business Sustainability Management course with Cambridge University to learn, research and enable Decordia’s sustainability objectives to keep moving forward. Off the back of this, Cordi is now part of an ongoing global network of sustainability professionals from many different industries.

She’s come along way from that ‘Happy Ozone Christmas’ card and hopes that by constantly assessing impact and looking at more sustainable ways of design, Decordia will be able to provide the most sustainable options for clients that doesn’t negatively impact the environment for many years to come!

We’re proud to support sustainable initiatives or use sustainable products from the following organisations

Our Objectives

Watch this space…

Between now and March 2023 DECORDIA is having a sustainability audit. We’ll be showcasing our results and objectives, so keep an eye on our LinkedIn here for the outcome.

We’re looking forward to seeing the areas where we’re doing well, as well as any aspects of our company where we can improve.