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Decordia Sustainability
Strategy 2023

Why Do We Need a Sustainability Strategy?

From the cost-of-living crisis to climate change, our care-free days are behind us. Everyone – individuals, businesses, and public organisations need to act more responsibly to help improve these problems, and we have to work together!

The events industry can be part of the solution. We can all collaborate within and between our businesses to limit negative impact whilst caring for those who need support.

At Decordia, our journey of positive change has already started, and this sustainability strategy is our plan of action for an even better, bolder, and kinder way forward.


Everything’s so much easier when our clients and team are all on the same page. It means everyone knows what to expect, and we can respect each other’s needs while always delivering on time and on budget.


We’re all about empowering our clients’ events by creating fun and memorable spaces and experiences for people to enjoy. And each member of our team needs to be enabled to enjoy expressing their creativity through the work, too.


The quality of our service delivery is paramount, but we also care about the lives and environments we touch along the way. Event audiences, our team, our local community, and the places impacted by our work are all taken into consideration when we make decisions.