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Turning this blank canvas into…


Homeground is a pop up multi arts venue in Manchester curated by the team from HOME. DECORDIA designed the site with Bren O’Callaghan and instead of trying to disguise the brownfield nature of the site, we decided to lean into it. It’s been influenced by scrapyards, the neon graveyard of Las Vegas and remnants of stories that attach themselves to architectural salvage.

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From the outset of the project, encompassing scoping, research and sharing of ideas, DECORDIA Events was both generous and supportive in encouraging a collaborative approach.

Cordi is able to combine the need for a strong aesthetic appeal with the requirements of large-scale production, a juggling game that must suit client wishes with audience experience, smart budget management with iron-fist oversight.

It was both a privilege and a pleasure to work alongside the DECORDIA team, who were the bedrock of the project build. Projects of this scale can sometimes be eclipsed by the sheer effort and mix of personalities, but DECORDIA was always first to identify solutions.

I was especially encouraged by DECORDIA’s commitment to sustainability, which was an element we had purposely built into the remit and resulting theme – inspired by neon boneyards, scrap car lots and architectural salvage.

I very much hope I’ll have further opportunities to work with DECORDIA…it was a great experience, with a phenomenal result.

Bren O'Callaghan
Curator, HOME