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Sustainability Strategy What’s next?

Decordia has achieved some incredible sustainability milestones and inspired a lot of positive action over the last year. We couldn’t have done it without the support of our staff, suppliers, and clients. Thank you to everyone who has helped and encouraged us along the way!

But it doesn’t end there. We’re the first to admit that our sustainability actions aren’t perfect, and there’s a lot more we want to accomplish. So, in addition to what we’re already doing, here are a few of our future sustainability goals:

Materials & Waste

  • Work with our supply chain to understand the impact of the materials we use
  • Source more sustainable materials through research and testing
  • Eliminate our own plastic waste and ask our suppliers to be more accountable for theirs

Transparency & Reporting

  • Invest in a measurement tool to understand and report on our carbon footprint
  • Gather impact data on materials. Set a new sustainability data baseline in 2023 to enable us to make better comparisons on our progress moving forward
  • Gather data from staff and suppliers to enable more accurate and easier carbon reporting

People & Community

  • Offer all staffthe opportunity to access carbon literacy training and certification through the Carbon Literacy Project
  • Improve staff volunteering
  • Offer sustainability workshops for Decordia staff and our local community

Energy & Transport

  • Work with our landlord to improve use of energy at our rented offices
  • Reduce embodied carbon through better material sourcing
  • Investigate electric vehicles for material and set transportation
  • Identify robust and ethical carbon offsetting options for unavoidable emissions

By working together, we can develop better ideas, more innovative solutions, and more spectacular events. It’s time to harness our industry’s passion and creativity for the good of all people and our planet.

Let us know what you think of our social and environmental commitments and actions. And, if you’re a business leader in live events, we’d be happy to signpost you to any resources you might need to implement sustainability in your organisation. Give us a shout any time. You can help us too! We’re on the lookout for relevant, ethical, and robust carbon osetting projects to support so that we can balance out any unavoidable emissions. We’d love to partner with a project in Lancashire. If you have any suggestions on this, please get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you!