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Decordia Bursary Recipient 2021 – Lucy Marie

We are so happy to announce that we are giving Lucy Marie a bursary to complete a year-long course with The Sign Painters Academy. Lucy Marie is one of Decordia’s star work experience alumni who is very talented and we had hoped to work with her on projects in 2020. We are so pleased to be able to offer her a bursary so she is still getting the opportunity for further learning and upskilling. This is great for us too as we will hopefully be able to utilise her new specialist skills on our freelance team this year.

From Lucy Marie:

As a Theatre Design and Production student in my final year during the pandemic it has been testing to keep engaged with the industry and not giving up hope. I decided to focus on building on my scenic art skills in the form of signwriting. I have always been passionate about signs and during my development as a Theatre practitioner I have been drawn into incorporating text into many of my designs. As an emerging Theatre Designer and scenic artist, it became obvious to me that good signage can enhance or detract from a set /event design and the overall vision.

Decordia generously funded a bursary enabling me to enrol on a year long online course with The Sign Painters Academy. This will teach me all the techniques and skills I need to develop my sign writing for scenic art but also provide me with transferable skills that will make me more resilient. Apart from all the technical aspects that this course will teach me the bursary from Decordia really gave me an emotional boost just when I needed it. It has been hard to keep motivation when learning online and my confidence had started to nosedive, the belief and trust that Decordia has shown in my journey by investing this money in my development has not only financially assisted me to attend this course which was out of reach but also made me believe in myself again during these testing times. Thank you Decordia.